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Microservices have been gaining in popularity for the last decade now. There are many reasons for this…scalability, reliability, maintainability…the list could go on. This article won’t focus on these, although almost any good book or article nowadays will cover these in depth.

The reason for this rapid growth and adoption could be linked to the speed at which a Microservice can be built and deployed by any web developer using modern programming languages and tooling being released.

Recently, I found myself working on a project that had clear contextual boundaries for the data involved in making the system work. This makes designing services to handle that data relatively straightforward! Each service has one core requirement: read a large amount of data and serve it to the user. Having never had the opportunity to use GraphQL in a production environment before, this was my first choice. I set to work creating each service, creating an Apollo Server for each service, along with the relative schemas and resolvers. …

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First of all, hello! My name is Henry and welcome to my first Medium article: getting to grips with the React useState Hook. Let’s get started…

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. They let you use state and other React features without writing a class.

This quote was taken directly from the introducing React Hooks documentation and pretty succinctly describes what Hooks allow you to do.

Basically, they’re awesome. But, why are they awesome? React has two main component types. Class components and functional components. Class components are also called stateful components. The reason for this is that, prior to React 16.8, only class components could manage their own state. …


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